The vehicle is scheduled to arrive at FR10 in 1 day at 14:00
The vehicle is scheduled to arrive at DE75 today at 16:00
The vehicle is available now at DE10
(for sale)
Loading in FR10 in 2 days from 14:00
(for sale)
Vehicle BCD
Pause since 10:23
A3, PL70
Vehicle ABC
→ NW 50 km/H
D65, FR20
The vehicle is scheduled to arrive at PL30 in 2 days at 12:00

HOGS maps for carriers

Check how technology can support your business in everyday challenges.

Choose the right routes

Enter loading and unloading post codes and automatically designate routes tailored to your vehicle. Depending on the situation, choose the fastest, shortest or cheapest route available. You can also create your own and see how it compares to those proposed by the system in terms of length, travel time and costs.

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Know your costs thoroughly

Before you set out on your chosen route, see how much it will cost. The system will calculate exactly how many tolls there will be, how much you will pay for the fuel used and how much additional operating costs will be. Price your services better and stop doing freights that you need to contribute to.

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Manage your fleet

Enter the necessary data of your vehicles as well as drivers and manage everything from one place, using multi-dimensional visualization. You can easily enter all vehicles, regardless of whether you have HGV, buses, lorries or anything else. For better accuracy, the system will use the provided information when calculating routes and calculating costs.

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Price your loads with ease

You don’t know what quote to give your customer or are you afraid that the price he gives is not appropriate? Add freight to the system and see how it will be priced by artificial intelligence trained on thousands of decisions made by experienced forwarders. Find out today’s exact price for this transport and if you want, use it with one click. Earn more by quoting your customers correctly.

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Get found

Thanks to integration, you can automatically place all entered vehicles on the TIMOCOM marketplace and keep them up to date. Any change in vehicle position and any freight received will result in an immediate change on the stock exchange. Don’t look for customers, let them find you.

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Supervise drivers

Send the route to the driver’s phone with the HOGS navi application. Track your vehicle’s position and monitor freight progress. Check on an ongoing basis whether he is following the route you have designated for him. Receive notifications about the execution status and automatically send them to the customer. And after the freight is completed, find out its real costs and compare them with the planned ones.

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Check historical rates

With such a dynamically changing transport market, be sure that your quote is market-based. Review your history with a given client and see how much they paid you previously. See on the chart how prices on a given route have developed over the last year and what rates other customers were able to pay during the year. Don’t miss changes in trends and reject offers with too low bids.

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HOGS maps is a comprehensive tool that enables carriers to optimize routes, access to current market information, control costs, effectively communicate with drivers and effectively place offers on freight exchanges. Thanks to this, you can increase the efficiency of your business and achieve greater profitability.

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