Loading in FR10 in 2 days from 14:00
(for sale)
The vehicle is scheduled to arrive at FR20 today at 16:00
Loading in DE10 in 1 day at 10:00 (double order)
Loading in PL70 in 3 days from 08:00 to 16:00
The vehicle is scheduled to arrive at PL80 in 1 day at 12:00
Vehicle BCD
→ E 65 km/H
D65, FR20

HOGS maps for forwarding

Just like other companies, use technology to not lose your advantage

Plot accurate routes

Select a vehicle, specify the loading and unloading postal codes, and determine the route the carrier wants and can take. You’ll never send a driver under a prohibition sign again and you’ll always be able to accurately pay for every kilometer of the planned route.

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Know your freight costs

See what are the road tolls, what the fuel consumption will be and how much the trip on this route will cost in total. Attract new carriers and increase their satisfaction by offering routes that are profitable.

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Manage your fleet

Add the vehicles you manage,add the information you need about them, and then check with one glance where and when the vehicle will be able to pick up another load. Don’t miss important information and don’t get surprised.

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Manage loads

See all scheduled transports on the map. Simultaneously. Automatically assign them to the best-suiting from available vehicles or list them on the TIMOCOM stock exchange with one click. Get rid of the cost for not providing a vehicle for a forgotten load.

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Control the transports carried out

Send the route to the driver on the HOGS navi app. Make sure it goes the way you chose. Track your vehicle’s position and monitor freight progress. Receive notifications from the driver and automatically send statuses to the customer. Gain trust and build the image of a reliable company that has everything under control.

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Get to know the market situation

Check how prices on a given route have changed over the last year. See how other shippers would price this freight. Get ahead of others and earn more with market knowledge that is available to only a few.

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HOGS maps revolutionizes freight management by offering intelligent routing. Thanks to market analysis, you can easily compare your rates with your competitors and learn about the operating costs of your carriers. The system not only helps in effective cargo management, but also gives full control over the entire vehicle fleet, regardless of its size. It is a comprehensive solution for the industry that brings together everything needed to maximize profits and optimize processes in one place.

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