We automate all areas of the transport industry responsible for the acquisition, pricing and execution of transport orders.


Multiple freight markets in one app
The first system on the market that allows you to use all the offers of the largest transport exchanges in one application at the same time.
Market Price by HOGS
Automatic, individual pricing of each offer based on an AI algorithm that takes into account: market situation, regional capacity, seasonality of transport, type of cargo.
Potential of the region (total)
An algorithm that tells how attractive the region to which the offer leads is. Thanks to this, you will never again send a vehicle to a region from which you will return at a loss.
Rate profitability chart
Chart showing current international rates. Thanks to it, you will find out what is the range of rates on a given relation and see how these rates have developed in the past up to 12 months before.
Intelligent matching of offers to vehicles
Each market or manually entered offer is individually matched to each of your vehicles in terms of: approach, margin, potential of the region to which the offer leads, type of vehicle and semi-trailer, vehicle equipment, vehicle availability.
Additional loads
Each marketor manually entered offer is also matched as an additional load individually with each of your vehicles so as to use the remaining cargo space, make as little additional kilometers as possible and maximize the margin as much as possible.
Trade System
The cargo exchange and sale system within your organization will allow you to automatically match your loads with other employees' vehicles to maximize financial results from internal cargo movement.
Listing offers on multiple freight markets at the same time
The first system on the market, thanks to which you can place an offer on all major transport exchanges with one click.
Listing vehicles on multiple markets at the same time with one click
From now on, you can list your vehicle on all major transport markets with one click. Thanks to this, you will increase your chances of finding the most profitable freight ahead of your competitors.

Compare Freight Automation packages

Freight Automation Lite

  • A map system that calculates routes and transport costs for trucks
  • Fleet management
  • Automatic listing of freight and vehicle offers on the largest transport markets at the same time
  • Toll, Tunnel and Ferry Calculators across Europe
  • Navigation on the driver’s phone combined with the forwarder’s map

Freight Automation

  • Downloading, analyzing and matching vehicles with offers from many markets at the same time
  • Valuations of all market offers (Market Price) based on AI
  • Automatic dialing for market offers
  • Automatic offer e-mail generation and sending
  • Full package with Freight Automation Lite

What makes us stand out?

Since 2012, we have been creating IT solutions that automate operational processes in the TSL industry.

Thanks to this, we maximize the margin, speed up work and give more opportunities.

greater efficiency of the forwarder
higher margin
less empty runs
more processed orders

1 500 000
offers per day

from the best transport exchanges

that are individually and fully automatically matched with each of your vehicles.


Automatic dialing
Automatic phone number selection using the HOGS office application or VOIP client in 0.5 s after displaying the offer matched with your vehicle.
Automatic bidding
Ability to send an automatic offer email with an individual quote in 0.5 seconds after displaying a matched offer with your vehicle.
Automatic calculation of the profit of each offer
Automatic calculation of the profit, taking into account empty and full kilometers, tolls for roads and highways, fuel consumption.
Automatic reporting system to the client
Automatic reports to the customer on the progress of order fulfillment will automate and bring your customer service to a new higher level.
Minimizing empty km
The system will automatically select the closest vehicle for the offer from your client or match the nearest market offer to your vehicle.
Vehicle and cargo management
Place loads on the map, move vehicles, manage them interactively for the first time in a simple and intuitive way.

Check out Freight Automation by HOGS

The daily cost
of the Freight Automation Lite system is on average
0.08€daily per vehicle


Truck maps
Layout of routes for heavy goods vehicles, taking into account: driving bans (also temporary), traffic intensity, tonnage restrictions, height restrictions, speed limits, width restrictions, traffic restrictions, real travel times, road and motorway repairs.
Tolls for roads and motorways throughout Europe
When setting a route, you will learn the exact tolls for roads and motorways throughout Europe, broken down by country and payment system.
Sending a perfectly mapped route to the driver
Send with one click a perfectly mapped route, individually tailored to each vehicle, directly to your driver.
Notification system
The notification system will report every action of your driver, remind you of the upcoming loading or unloading or that it was about to end.
Base of 40,000 car parks
Automatic parking search along the route, taking into account over 40,000 parking points with all the amenities that occur there.
Ferries and tunnels
Best rates for the Frejus and Mont Blanc tunnels and over 500 different ferry crossings. Book a ferry or tunnel for any type of truck in one app.

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